Are plastic roads the solution to potholed South Africa?

Recycled plastic may be the solution to potholes. Adding plastic to tar increases strength and flexibility. 

As is reported in AutoExpress, a company out of the UK is developing a stronger tar using recycled plastic. Not only does it increase road flexibility and strength, its environmental benefits are extraordinary: In a world being suffocated by plastic, why not recycle that plastic and make longer lasting roads? Makes sense.

Plastic roads are not an entirely new science though. In fact, some elite driving surfaces in the UK have been utilising plastic based tar for a while now - but polymer (the substance that makes plastic) has never before been sourced from recyclable plastics. This game-changing move is going to make the founders of this brilliant British start up extremely rich. 

It is estimated that recycled, plastic roads will only require minimal maintenance - about once every 20 years - which is great news for countries like South Africa with roads as vast and long as our own, and limited resources to upkeep them.

Plastic is, after all, the demon of our century and breaking it into little bits and mixing it into the roads of our future, is far better than it destroying the view of our beaches. So, we're calling all entrepreneurs out there. Fancy saving the world and getting rich while you do it? It's the South African way after all. Ask Elon Musk - he'll tell you. 

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