Ford release limited edition GT

Ford Performance have announced a special edition of their already rare and beautiful GT.

As is reported in AutoExpress, Ford Performance have summoned their ancestors to make us wet at the mouth: They've released a special Ford GT Heritage Edition in dedication to the famous Ford GT 1967 Le Mans winner - you know, the famous one that embarrassed Ferrari and turned the elite motorsport world on its head.

Now, fifty years on and the Ford GT is as beautiful as it was the day it was released and this here Heritage Edition is a welcomed collectible for those uber rich who love the legacy of motorsport and how it entangles itself with technological modernity to create gimmick versions of the original versions we actually want.

That's a bit harsh we concede - and we love this here Heritage Edition, attention-seeking aside: We love it a lot a lot. The retro artwork harks back to the relevant era and a few touches here and there differentiate it from the modern original - yes, all the changes are merely aesthetic and will not improve performance. Not that it needs to: The standard GT - if standard is a word appropriate to use in its presence - gets to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds anyway and maxes out at 349km/h. Not quite 350, but it'll do.

Enjoy the pics of it. You will most likely never get to see one in real life. Pity. It's gorgeous.