New BMW Z4 teaser better than expected

A new smokey teaser of the Z4 concept reveals a shape better than expected.

BMW Z4 seems to have ditched the awkward and heavy front-end of last two Z4 renditions and revealed a teaser to a concept Z4 that looks far more muscular in profile, and a body slanted downwards like the sides of an M4. It is a step forward from the unaccomplished MX-5 dorkiness of its predecessor and we look forward to its reveal this weekend at Pebble Beach. By the way, we're not hating on the MX-5; we're just ridiculing the old Z4.

AutoExpress reveals that the coming Z4 will utilise "the same rear axle design as the M3 and M4, and it’s likely that a full M version will follow within a year, possibly using the M2’s 365bhp [272kW] 3.0-litre straight-six."

It will also ditch the heavy steal roof and revert to a material one, in-turn and most likely becoming Porsche Boxster's most popular new rival.

Gusheshe has spoken before about the disappointment of the Z4 since its very first release now 15 years ago and this time, finally, we hope that it has rectified the demons of the past: It's had a long time to get this one right and we couldn't forgive BMW again for getting it wrong! Surely not.

Only the full reveal will be able to confirm whether the shadow teaser is as good as it promises to be, so watch this space. An update is due next week.

The E85 Z4 from the noughties (seen below). Not great. The E89 Z4 below that was worse because it could have been better. Know what I'm sayin'?