Stunning! BMW Z4 concept revealed

BMW have finally unveiled the much anticipated Z4 concept. It's everything we could have hoped for and more.

As is reported all across the motoring interweb in a frenzy of admiration and excitement, BMW have finally revealed their concept Z4 and it looks fantastic. Seriously! If BMW stay true to this concept (they should as this is a confirmed 80% of what they will eventually produce) it may indeed shake off the Z4 demons of the past and finally look to truly compete in a segment that, by pure Bavarian logic, it should already be dominating.

Most pleasing to see is a centrally-situated driver, unlike the previous renditions which all put the driver closer to the back end and behind an over-sized bonnet. Over-sized bonnets are not necessarily a bad thing but in a "driver's car" that is meant to have nimble feet, big bonnets do not bode well, unless of course the back end is equally large. As such, the new Z4 looks proportionally better balanced, stiffly planted, and so we assume better positioned to take on its track-ready rival: The Boxster.

The kidney grills have been widened - more so than ever before - giving birth to a broader and more masculine face, but we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't point out the fact that there is a little bit of Jaguar F-Type going on from some angles. That shouldn't detract from what is a truly good looking car though. In fact, it's better looking than the F-Type, which is impressive. BMW's new look in general seems to be winning and there are elements of the awesome 8 series concept about here, which we previewed earlier this year.

BMW 8 series concept, take a bow

May 26, 2017

- T-Man Madisha

What of the speedster fairings behind each head rest that, in shaped aluminium, slant beautifully downwards into the muscular rear? AutoExpress speculates that these will not be integrated into the final production version for (material) roof-folding reasons but Marc Girard, head of concept design at BMW, is quoted as saying that these are his favourite part of the entire car, so why would they be abandoned then? We'll let you speculate on that.

What we do especially love is the different coloured seats and dash - and although this is no doubt a concept gimmick meant to give light and dark aspect and understanding to a concept cabin, we actually think it looks sick! Maybe an after market feature to consider? Definitely.

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