Wow! Topless Mercedes-Maybach steals the show

The topless version of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept is gorgeous to say the least. We say so much more.

Mercedes-Benz have stolen Pebble Beach by releasing one of the most imposing and timeless concepts ever created: The Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. The original, released a year ago, harked back to the exorbitant luxury of the 1920s, and what Mercedes have done now is complete this beautiful puzzle: They've taken off the roof and this is what is left. Wow!

Donned the future of luxury, the beautifully crafted concept features the endless bonnet of an early 20th century cruiser with a perfectly sculpted and huge backside that confidently whispers: Get in Gatsby. Get in. Do your business. The depths of New York City are yours and Daisy's to have so have it, dear Sir.

Buchanan will never know.

In full electric, the mega-luxurious Don Salieri is the majesty of our future too, green as can be, with a 321km driving range and a 0-100 dash in under 4 seconds. It's an appropriate new-era twist - an inevitable demand of the modern day Gatsby. In concept form that's impressive, but when it is eventually released - we have no idea when that will be or what form it will take - we expect even better numbers yet.

Without doubt, transport like this is the essence of man as he explores ever nearer to the core of perfection; transport like this is the essence of woman as she wonders ever deeper into the caves of wondrous design. This legacy is ours to have, for centuries to come, for the humans of the future to look back to and think, now that there was a generation with taste.

And wait. Have you seen the inside yet? This concept just keeps on giving.