Electric VW Microbus officially confirmed

Nostaligia has won - VW will officially make an electric production version of its ultimate classic. Expect it in 2022. 

Yes, nostalgia is strong when it comes to cars and reinventing the old to inspire a new generation is nothing new for VW. In fact, it has failed at it before - the Beetle of this generation doesn't quite capture the essence of last century's original and we always get an overwhelming sense of disappointment when we see it. 

This, we suspect, will not be the case when it comes to the "Bulli" (the loving German nickname for our most hipster of VW surf buses), and VW have officially confirmed an electric version of our dearest beloved. Even if it looks remotely like the I.D. BUZZ Concept on which it will be based, it will be a success - of that we are sure. Because sometimes in life you just know - like the first time you see her - you know, herher. The one - your future ex-wife.

Added to that, fully electric feels right for this bus too (with a 435km-plus driving range) and captures the hippy and nature-loving essence of the original. It's truly hard to see how this new microbus could fail, unless of course its failure is not our duty to see at all.

The bus to be released will at least be Level 3 autonomous, which means, according to techrepublic.com, that safety critical functions like steering, braking and accelerating are shifted from the driver to car and that drivers, under certain driving conditions, do not have to pay the same level of attention to the road. 

Although that is good news for our weed-smoking and woodstock-loving dude of the 2020s, it is not as ideal as fully autonomous, because it still places some pressure on him. Rather wait until 2025 to buy one then, as all of VW's I.D. vehicles will be fully autonomous by then. What that means is life-changing: It's not long to wait until you can get high in the back with your friends while impressive autonomous tech and nothing else takes you and them to a festival out west in a hipster throwback of drunken nostalgia.

Mmm. Sounds ominous. Regardless, we welcome the bus - and all the nostalgia it brings along with it.