Hot electric Scirocco? It's coming...

The Scirocco name lives on, electrified!

As is reported in AutoExpress with an attachment of exclusive imaginings of the new hot and electrified Scirocco (remember, these are renditions only of how they think it could turn out but we anticipate something a bit more spectacular) - VW have confirmed that Scirocco will live on and will not be discarded in the face of SUV-mania, in a world buying bigger and bigger cars.

The Scirocco will remain as an "emotional car" but with a modern twist: It will arrive on VW's all-electric MEB platform, which will allow for more interior room as the chocolate bar-sized lithium ion batteries can be arranged to save space. Lots of it.

Without a big combustion engine, VW can be space-creative and work to push the boundaries of practicality and sportsmanship; this important realisation is part of what will keep sporty cars of this size relevant in a more practical world. It also keeps the correct name attached to the correct shape and keeps the possibility of legacy and breed alive. 

“If you tell someone, ‘This is a Scirocco’, they have a clear idea of what this should be and of what it should look like,” said VW R&D boss Frank Welsch, “If it had totally different proportions from the current car we would not call it Scirocco. It would not fit. It’s like having a new Tiguan concept and calling it ‘Golf’.”

As for the all-electric side of things, that can only be exciting. My brother grew up in a world where 8-second machines were fast. I grew up in a world where 6-second machines were fast. Teens in the 2020s however (expect this to arrive closer to 2025) will be spoilt by the innovation of electricity: It will not be surprising if these new Sciroccos will be sub 4 second monsters - and it's kind of sad actually. Where do you go from there?

Regardless, we approve this news, VW. We think emotional cars are important cars too. Keep them coming!