Spy Shots! Next gen Suzuki Jimny is one sweet box

Spy shots of the next generation Suzuki Jimny reveal the double-decade star is set for a revamp.

Spy shots released on AutoExpress reveal a fresh-faced Suzuki Jimny - and as the Jimny is our most favourite of capable, affordable and real 4x4s, we're excited to see its boxy lines and new colouful persona come to life, although we'll have to wait until 2019 to buy one (if of course it is released in South Africa as it is released in the UK).

The sneaky images reveal a box of a machine that seems perfect still for the carefree and endless African road trips we love most and we expect this new Suzuki to still be exceptionally popular in South Africa, specifically the Cape where the current gen is the most seen off-roader around.

Gusheshe loves interesting and quirky vehicles that can do all sorts of off-road things because in Africa, vehicles like the Jimny allow us to release our stress in the African bush of our ancestors, where all South Africans, on some level at least, absorb peace and excitement. In a country designed for road trips, the Jimny is the perfect fit and will likely remain so if it is as well-priced as the current.

To be offered in an assortment of various colours and touted to house Suzuki's 1.2 dual-jet motor (although the Boosterjet engine will be much appreciated) the recipe of the Jimny seems pretty much the same, including the simple interior, which just gets a welcomed touch screen for those bored road-tripping fingers.

We will keep a close eye on this new Jimny so watch this space.

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Suzuki Jimny & why YOLO made it cool

April 21, 2017

- Kyle Brown