The Gunter Werks 400R includes a butler and a pen

It's basically a 911 GT3 RS that looks like a 993. What more can you ask for? Oh yes, a butler. And a pen.

As is reported in Car Magazine, Gunter Werks has made something real pretty: They've taken the unmistakable and gorgeous body of a Porsche 993, made it lighter in every way possible, ridiculously fast and, for those 25 lucky people who can afford R7.9 million, real expensive. 

It features a 4.0 litre, 300kW flat six motor capable of turning the wheels with 447N.m of torque, which means that if you put foot my bru, hold on mother-trucker! Nothing and no one is going to catch you, which is a real pity for everyone else - it will shorten the window of admiration. It's proof again that pretty cars never really age and sometimes all you need is some reinvention beneath.

Of all that there is to look at though, which is considerable, the most bizarre feature is actually, if you're lucky enough to buy one, how and where it is delivered. At a private villa of course with a round-the-clock butler and access to a golf course. Why? Because I'm rich! That's why son.

Car reports that "on the day of delivery, owners will be provided with two “artisan-quality bespoke keys” placed in a wooden box along with a branded fountain pen courtesy of Conid Pens of Antwerp, Belgium."

Sho. Talk about getting your money's worth.