Supra will be released in manual. Thank Vin Diesel for that!

The legend - The Supra - will feature a stick shift. Fast and Furious wouldn't have it any other way.

As is reported in, the eagerly awaited Toyota Supra will feature a manual gearbox, despite fears that it would be all F1 and tapity-tap only. That's great news for all car enthusiasts out there who enjoy their Fast and Furious machines with a burning left leg and a sequence of never-ending gear changes.

It was speculated earlier in the year that Supra, based on the new BMW Z4 platform (or is it the other way around?) would only be released in automatic. Now however, it would seem that this is not the case as was confirmed by a Toyota official. Confirmation also concluded that the motor will be a V6 - as opposed to an in-line 6 - which, for our inquisitive readers out there means that it won't scream like a BMW M3 E46 from Lenasia, but rumble rather like Nissan Sani from Centurion.

Jokes aside though, this is great news for the Toyota Supra and keeps its driving legacy intact. Thank Vin Diesel for that! Playing Fast and Furious by manually shifting the gears down below is a lot more enjoyable than playing Lewis Hamilton. Or is it? We think so.

We anticipate the new Supra's unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year. Let's hope (as we have been hoping all year) that it looks like the concept seen here: The FT 1.