KIA wows with stunning concept

The "extended hot hatch" looks a stunner. We can't wait to see more. 

As is reported in Car Magazine, Kia have released an outrageous looking "extended hot hatch" concept that is set to take the world by storm - that is, of course, if it looks like the coming concept in picture. According to Kia, this is an indication of how the new C'eed may look. Fancy a C'eed then?

Like the small SUV, the "extended hot hatch" shape or Shooting Brake is a hot space to be in at the moment and you need not look further than Aston's Zagato famiglia to understand how gorgeous this shape can actually get - and Kia, of all brands, is not far off with this one. This extended hot hatch is a very good look and we cannot wait to see the full version at the Frankfurt motor show. 

In an accompanying statement, Kia comments that this concept is “reworked and reimagined for a new generation of driver; it puts forward a bold vision for a potential member of the next-generation cee’d family.” 

South Korea coming in hot!