MINI turns electric yellow

The latest brand to join the electric revolution is MINI. One by one they tumble. 

As is reported in AutoExpress, MINI have unveiled an all electric concept that will debut at the Franfurt Motor Show next month. It is the latest in the electric revolution that is taking our century by storm. The MINI Electrics's debut features some interesting "electric" design with yellow touches all about the surface, which is apparently the latest and most fashionable colour in energy.

Asked why by AutoExpress, Christopher Weil - Head of exterior design at MINI - replied that yellow is representative of the sun - "the most energetic piece or object in the universe - or at least our part of the universe."

Astronomy aside, MINI suits the electric revolution more than most brands and it is surprising that it has taken so long for MINI to get on board. After all, MINI redefined the 60s with...itself, and then the noughties again with itself...again, so it makes sense that it is part of the electric redefinition to come. Expect this all electric version in 2019.

We especially, as does Mr Weil himself, like the wheel design in the concept, but don't understand why every electric car out there has to represent electricity in its design. Yes, we understand that brands need to publicly make us aware that they're electrifying, but we're happy that this is a gimmick that will surely soon pass.

Until then, expect all electric cars - except Tesla - to look "like energy". This one, admittedly, is pretty though and we look forward to Frankfurt. And then, to 2019!