Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is "world's fastest" 4X4. Really?

The monster of Jeep's lineup - the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk - is still a prototype. One that claims to be the world's fastest SUV. But is it?

In all of the hustle and bustle of this week's endless concept releases and teases, AutoExpress were lucky enough to get a go in the "world's fastest" 4x4 - the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which all had us salivating at the mouth and wishing that we too cracked the invite to Jeep's private test track in Michigan, USA.

Unfortunately, sadly, we didn't make the cool list and so we're sour. Sour enough to tell Jeep that their claim that the Trackhawk is the fastest SUV in the world is slightly misleading. I mean, don't get us wrong, 0-100 in 3.7 seconds is outrageous for any 4X4, especially a Jeep that is traditionally more at home off road - and 290km/h at top speed is pretty, how can I say it, cray-cray. But is that really the fastest in the world? Let's nit-pick. 

The Tesla Model X is Tesla's SUV-shaped imagining of lightning quick green air and every 0-100km/h claim out there sits neatly between 2.7 and 3.4 seconds. Yip. That there is faster than the Jeep. It's top end is slower though, but any illegal speeds on public roads don't count anyway so what is the point of top speed on a trump card anyway?

"Yes," you say, "But it's not a real 4X4."

Well, what is these days? A track-ready Jeep? I think people forget what 4X4ing actually is - it's a lot more than a sand road. The Tesla Model X is all-wheel drive and shaped like a 4x4, and in all and any world that is technically a 4X4 - perhaps not a very good one without low range and the right type of suspension, but a 4X4 nonetheless.

In fact, I suggest, that it is actually as 4X4 as the Trackhawk because tell me this: Who in their right mind will go off road with this machine anyway, with designer skirtings down to its ankles and mag wheels as large as a paddle steamer's wheel? This Trackhawk is as off-road ready as a Polo CROSS and at least with that I won't be cringing every time I hear a mag scratch.

All that aside though, we absolutely love this Jeep and would have it over the Tesla anyday. But facts are the facts. This here is not fastest SUV in the real world and in and between red lights, where we all live our real world lives, the Tesla Model X is faster.