Kia Picanto gets cross with new X-Line

The Kia Picanto gets new X-Line trim for the soft-road adventurer who wants to keep it small.

As is reported in AutoExpress, Kia will introduce the new X-Line trim to its Picanto range, which sees a 15mm ride-height raise from the standard Picanto and bulkier plastic cladding all round. It also gets faux bash plates underneath for those really potholed off road excursions and various new colour combos to choose from. The lime green grill? Designed just for the X-Line and just for you if you want it.

It will be fitted with a 1.0l petrol motor, tubocharged, that will produce a Picanto impressive 74kW of torque. Expect a GT version too, although specifics are not yet available.

We expect this to be very popular in South Africa if not overly priced.

Keep it reasonable Kia.