MINI's new little savage!

Say hello to my little friend. The MINI JCW GP concept. Sick.

As is reported in AutoExpress, MINI will (this weekend at the Frankfurt Motor Show) unveil a race-inspired concept of its famous John Cooper Works GP division. This, when it is released, will be the most savage MINI ever made, stripped bare of all essentials. It will, for those who buy it, be the purest driving experience - MINI itself has described it as "driving fun in its purest form" and there is no reason not to believe them.

MINI fans out there will know that MINI traditionally offers the purest driving experience anyway and this, in dedication to that purity, has been branded with '0059'. The number stands for the year 1959 when the world got its first classic MINI, which, when it came, changed the landscape of driving forever more. The classic MINI is renowned for its go-cart like movements and we can only hope that the new savage is as raw as all MINIs should be. It certainly looks it.

There will only be 2000 units of this race-inspired machine made, which is a little disappointing however, that, we speculate, will mean little when we eventually learn its price. We don't know it yet exactly but expect it to be something a little outrageous but worth every cent if spending cents on over-priced race-inspired MINIs is your thing. From every angle this car is perfect and we hope that the production model released does not "calm its tits".

Keep it crazy MINI. We absolutely dig it.