BMW X7 concept pics leaked

Leaked images of the BMW X7 concept reveal a boat-sized Bavarian oil carrier.

As is reported in AutoExpress, the BMW X7 concept has been leaked in pictures - seen here - ahead of its Frankfurt reveal. Yes, the X5 looks small compared to this ocean carrier and we're not quite sure how we feel about it. Sure, it will appeal to many, but do SUVs really need to be more monstrous than they already are? We suppose they do if seven seats is more appealing to you than five, and the extra money you spend on them is not really an issue for you.

Of course, BMW doesn't make a lot of mistakes and you can be assured that this mountain will not be one either: Huge 7-seater 4X4s are exceptionally popular in the US and that there is BMWs wide-eyed goal. The Americans will lap this up and Gusheshe has a motoring feeling that South Africans may too. Expect this monster to take its rightful place in your local blue light brigade by 2019.

For those wondering, it's not just a longer X5, but a completely new platform altogether based on the 7-series. As you know, the 7-series is the flagship of BMW's luxurious models - and the X7 will be the flagship of the 7-series range, making it the flagship of all flagships that BMW produce. Despite our reservations it does have a presence worth looking twice at, and we suppose for an oil-sized carrier it is pretty too. It adds a further dimension to the BMW brand just when you thought they had all their bases covered. Nope, they hadn't. So, here's another BM for the right hand lane, cruising way to close to your ass. This one however, will be scary enough to move over for.

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