Revealed! Kia's gorgeous Proceed concept

The Proceed concept gives us a look into Kia's new design language - and it stunning!

Kia have unveiled the Proceed concept and its front side is as impressive as its back end, which was teased last week. It is all part of a new design language being adopted by Kia and as is speculated in AutoExpress, this moves Kia ever closer to more premium competition like BMW, who, Gusheshe feels should be a little worried. This is a beautifully drawn concept - shaped like a shooting brake or "extended hot hatch" - and is as good looking as anything else out there. Gusheshe absolutely loves it!

It is expected to ultimately replace the three-door Kia Cerato, which when it arrived in South Africa was also very good looking. It wasn't as successful as it promised to be though, and these days you do not see many three-door Ceratos around. This car however, will reignite interest in the non-SUV segments of Kia, and the extra space donned by the extended look, coupled with the sporty looks, will surely see this become a more successful derivative.

It will wear a GT badge, which speaks to its performance credentials and we expect it to arrive with a turbo-charged 1600 motor that Car Magazine believes will be an "uprated iteration" of the current.

Bring it on!