Khaki Bliss! Toyota Land Cruiser turned Hot Rod

It doesn't get cooler and more South African than a hot-rodded Land Cruiser, does it?

As is reported in Car Magazine with an obvious grin, Pretoria based workshop, Allers Rods and Customs, have created this South African piece of absolute gold: A Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 hot rod! What better way to cheer up your Monday morning than this piece of African memorabilia re-imagined?

We know full well that for Afrikaners the Land Cruiser is up there with the coolest cars in South Africa - we placed it sixth in this year's coolest - but this here version of it might just even punch it up a spot or two. It is perfect in every farming sense of the way and we applaud and celebrate its confidence in the hope that it inspires more outrageous machines with African flavour.

It is powered by a 4,0-litre 32-valve Lexus V8 that produces 224 kW, and is steered by custom coloured MOMO steering wheel - a khaki one to keep things accurate in the bush. Mooi so.

Props must go to the boytjies at Allers - they spent 1200 hours making this and it was worth every second.

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April 18, 2017

-Kyle Brown