Boom! The Mercedes-AMG Project One revealed

A formula 1 car for two! It's finally here and by the looks of it, well worth the wait.

Yes, we finally have it, the Mercedes-AMG Project One concept that Mercedes describes as a Formula 1 car... for two! It is styled like a hypercar should be: Viciously crafted with a shark fin out back, with massive air intakes for battery and engine cooling, a pretty but angry face for the patting, and the ever-present fear that your hand might get bitten off.

Holy Bananas!

This is as eilite as it gets and let us remind ourselves that this intense human invention costs R40 Million. Yes, you read correctly: If you want to be propelled from 0-200km/h in 6 seconds, in a cabin designed for Mars colonisation, this is the amount you will have to be prepared to shell out.

This is the halo.

This is Motoring Mecca.

This is the car that makes Ferrari better, and makes a new generation of footballer demand more so that he too can bask in its presence.

As previously touched on in Gusheshe, this prince-priced machine is the first that will utilise a F1 driving train - and we now know that this brings with it various driving modes that are F1 equivalent, including ‘highly dynamic’ mode, which Mercedes says will utilise similar settings to the Mercedes Formula 1 car on qualifying days, as it strives to outdo Vettel.

Quite literally, this is what Hamilton drives, but in a prettier skin and a few thousand revs lower: Yes, its rev counter taps out at 11,000rpm as opposed to 15,000rpm, which still means that you will turn heads from a mile away. That's extraordinary considering the fact that this ultra-hybrid can cruise a cool 25kms in battery mode, without any sound at all. Ignite the 1600 (yes Dad, a 1600!) you will still give someone a heart attack though. 0-100 times haven't even been revealed but expect something silly. Silly good.

It will be two years until we see a production version of this machine, so until then, hold on tight, breathe deep and take it all in.