New Honda EV gets Lenasia styling

An awesome new and little electric concept by Honda is styled like an 80s golf. We dig it and suspect Lenasia will too.

The Frankfurt Motor Show just keeps on delivering. Take a look at this Honda Urban EV concept, which harks back to the Civic of the 70s, but as South Africans we'll probably digest it as something even more familiar to us: A MK1 Golf. Some shapes just never age and this Honda is an awesome little box. On those 19 inches, we dig it!

Bear in mind that this concept is fully electric and is not something futuristic says Honda. A production version of this will be ready in 2019, but AutoExpress reports "that Honda havn’t revealed battery output, power figures or performance data for the EV Concept, nor is there any detail on prospective range or charge times. Given its intended use, however, [AutoExpress] expects a modest 200-miles range [321 km], mated to the latest fast-charge technology."

In other words m'Laanie, thank goodness for Harrismith, or the Joburg-Durban trip would fail dismally in this!

Look sick though. That's all that counts.