The best from Frankfurt so far (excluding the Project One!)

There are some awesome cars, concepts and ideas on show at Frankfurt this year. Have a peep why don't you?

Gusheshe is keeping South African car lovers in the loop by keeping tabs on news straight out of Frankfurt. These are some of the coolest cars worth having a look at this year so far. Whether you like them or not, some of them will be our future. It's all looking very electric and autonomous, which of course isn't a bad thing as long as cars are designed good-looking! Lucky for us, most are, and if they're not, well, they're certainly interesting.

BMW M8, in race car form.

No, it's not the M8 you'll eventually buy, but a racing version that gives us better insight into the one you will. The Mercedes-AMG S63 AMG Coupe competitor will boast a back-breaking 4.4 litre twin turbo V8. Back-breaking pleasure if you ask me.

Source: AutoExpress

Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy

This electric version of the I-Pace will form "of a new production car support series for Formula E and is due to begin with Formula E’s fifth season in 2018-19." We just like the pastel blue! Don't you?

Source: AutoExpress

BMW i5 concept

The iVision Dynamics concept is a four-door gran coupe that will eventually be the electric 5-series you (or your son) will buy when you're all grown up. It's part of BMW's all electric range set for 2020, falling somewhere between the i3 and i8. We expect the production version to be a bit tamer though - this is a tad bit spacey (that's coming from Gusheshe who loves spacey things!)

Source: AutoExpress

Renault’s Symbioz Concept

This driverless, electric four-door "room" is more than a car: It is meant to be an extension of our lives and an extra room of relaxation. As such, Renault believe that cars like this will play an additional role in our lives beyond transport. It is their idea of the autonomous future. Looks great! But we're not sure if we believe that 'relaxation room' nonsense. 

Source: AutoExpress

Mercedes EQA concept

It's difficualt to notice anything else by Mercedes besides the awesome Mercedes-AMG Project one, but here is a small concept called the Concept EQA.  Although the same size as an A-Class, the cabin space is impressive and is a sign that designers are making use of the advantages of life without combustion. What a life that was...

Nice looking concept though.

Source: AutoExpress