Bentley confirm new electric sports car

Bentley have done us all a favour and chosen to release a 2-door electric sports car instead of a small electric SUV. Aston Martin are shaking their heads.

Since its reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley have been mute about the EXP12 Speed 6e concept, and whether or not it will eventually, in some form at least, make its way to the showroom floor. Well, good news! Bentley have confirmed that the electric two-seater sports car will arrive by the end of the decade but expect it to be a bit larger than this here pretty concept - it will share a platform with Porsche’s upcoming Mission E saloon, which means it will be a bit longer than we thought.

As is reported in AutoExpress and AutoCar, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer, speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, said: “At present a smaller SUV is not in the plan anymore and we favour a car with a full electric drivetrain – this is the direction we are heading. We intend to be the leader in electrification in the luxury segment [as] it fits with the Bentley motoring scheme.”

That's great news because it fits with us too - we are properly tired of small SUVs! They're convenient and all and some are quite cool, but seriously bro, enough is enough. 

Expect this sports car to arrive with a range of up to 500km, with a blistering 450kW (or so) pushed through all four electrified wheels. Importantly, we hope that it looks like the concept seen here when it does eventually come, and so does Aston Martin, we think - winky face. They must surely always love it when brands try and emulate their look - I mean, talk about a compliment. But, perhaps this concept's profile is taking it a bit too far. There are limits to taking inspiration, surely? 

Sho. Talk about taking adVANTAGE...11 years later.

2006 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

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