5 cars at Frankfurt you haven't seen

There's a whole lot more that went down at Franfurt despite the Mercedes-AMG Project One. These are the best of the rest - and the worst of what remained.

Frankfurt was filled to the brim with future concepts and prospects, some more exciting than others. Some were pretty and some were ugly. Some never got the love they deserved and some got too much. So, this here is a quick little feature on some of those you never saw, which also need their time in the spotlight.

1. Audi Aicon Concept

Audi, unusually for this decade, have unveiled something that looks relatively exciting and is named after Sengalese rapper-cum-singer, Akon. It is called the Aikon - a driverless concept without any controls, and a detachable drone to guide you to your front door on those very dark nights. Why? Because for the past ten thousand years, humans have really struggled to find their front doors and not even the invention of the gas lamp, the lighter, the torch, the street light, the porch light, the fiery caveman stick, modern matches, the light of cell phone's screen, the light of cell phone's torch, a key chain that is a mini torch, a red laser, a blue laser, an iPad with a big bright screen, a security light or even your car lights shone in the right direction, have solved that inconvenient conundrum. But, fear no more. Aikon is here with its revolutionary light-guiding drone.

We suppose though that that is at least more exciting than yet another R8, which by the way - can you actually handle this - was also unveiled. It now sports rear wheel drive and red stripe. 

Give me a break, Audi. Seriously.

2. Borgward Isabella Concept

How's this pretty thing out of long forgotten-and-then-resurrected-without-anyone-knowing-brand, Borgward. The Isabella concept might be the highlight of the lesser known brands and it's not surprising. It is awesome looking - electric of course - and is inspired by the brand's iconic history and need to return to the glory days of the 50s. Nice. We hope they achieve that goal.

Pity about the name though. Borgward. Sounds like a house elf from Harry Potter. And Isabella is just silly.

3. Skoda Vision E concept

Skoda, another brand we don't get nor particularly want in South Africa has unveiled the nice looking Vision E concept. It has a 500km driving range and a quick 30 minutes recharge (or slow depending on your view of the world). It is vaguely interesting to say the least and full of electrified badges that all EVs these days think is cool. Perhaps they are, but it is deeply ironic that electric cars looking to extend their battery time are packed with lighten gizmos and badges, that are surely counter productive.

The cosmic centre piece is the highlight of the vehicle and you will feel all 'time-warpery' when you see it. We expect that's a feeling more people will have to endure in the upcoming 15 years so if you don't like it, too bad!

4. Wey XEV concept

Holy great wall of Moses. Great Wall Motors has a luxury division believe it or not and this is the product. AutoExpress describes it as "unique", which is a diplomatic way of saying hideous, because truly, that's what it is. It is awkwardly designed and looks horribly cheap. No amount of gull wing doors can hide that terrible fact and in this rare case, it actually accentuates the ugliness by screaming to everyone, "Look at me, I'm the ugliest little bastard in the room!"

Most frighteningly, this concept might make its way into production, and considering Africa and China's bromance - it might also one day find its way onto your neighbour's driveway. Hopefully that is not the case and hopefully Great Wall Motors poaches a giant Bavarian car designer before it's all too late.

5. Alpina D5 S

Finally, we have the Alpina D5 S. BMW claim that this is the fastest diesel production car in the world, with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder biturbo diesel motor that churns out 700Nm of torque. That's all cool and all, but having the fastest production diesel car in the world is like having the fastest donkey, and we can't see the relevance of diesel cars anymore from a concept-fun and new electric future point of view - but suppose that in the real world (where we all still live of course) having the fastest diesel car is a pretty cool thing to have. Especially in South Africa where huge distances mean long, lonely and potentially expensive road trips.

We absolutely love a BMW in deep green by the way. It is the truest sign of elegance within the brand.