The solution to car keys?

As modern cars are mostly "keyless" - which they aren't really - BMW questions whether or not they should drop keys altogether. Sounds good, but is it possible?

As is reported in Car, BMW are genuinely considering dropping car keys altogether and Gusheshe thinks it is a great idea if it actually means device-less entry and not just access through something else, like your cell phone.

On average, I spend about 40 seconds per day looking for my car keys. This average caters for the fact that some days I can spend 10 minutes looking and some days no minutes at all - but if we were to assume that we all spend 40 seconds looking for our car keys per day, that's 4 hours per year looking for something that doesn't actually need to exist.

In light of this, BMW told Reuters that most people driving new BMWs “Never take [the key] out of their pocket [anyway], so why do [we] need to carry it around?”

Damn straight!

Cars are increasingly being accessed via smart phone apps, so what is the point? So, says BMW "We are looking at whether it is feasible [to drop keys altogether], and whether we can do it. Whether we do it right now or at some point in the future, remains to be seen.”

BMW i8's key

Now, this is all good and well and Gusheshe supports this move to ultimately drop car keys, but keys for apps? Please BMW, no, no, no! This means we have to take our phones everywhere with us and make sure they always have battery. Now, for most people, the idea of driving somewhere without a phone anyway is ludicrous, but often at weekends I leave my phone at home with the comfort of knowing that those driving with me have their phones in case of an emergency.

When I go trail running or surfing, or go play soccer, there's no need for me to have my phone anyway and often leave it in the car. So what then? What then my keyless thinkers? How do I ensure access to my car without a phone - and if the phone is in the car, how do I lock the car?

It sounds like a ball ache.

Thankfully, there are some genuine solutions and there will have to be - the perpetual intrusion of your cell phone sounds terrible and no one wants that: It's essentially just a bigger, more annoying key to lose and does not solve anything.

So, what of "bio-tagging" - an electric chip under the skin that accesses all things yours? What of iPhones new face recognition tech? Can your car just recognise you as you approach? It can surely, in light of what the new iPhone can do. And if iPhone can do it, why can't BMW?

Perhaps fingerprint scanners on the doors, similar to how most phones are accessed these days, is this the most practical and affordable solution for now. Makes sense. Imagine it. All you need is your hand. Just your hand! The thought of it is amazing.

So, until we truly are keyless, without anything else needed to access our cars except for our very face or hands, we will unfortunately always be looking for our keys. Perhaps finger print recognition is the best short term solution. I mean, I have never spent 4 hours per year looking for my fingers and that there is the truth of it.

Truly keyless entry sounds like a beautiful dream and I hope BMW can pull it off. What a pleasure that will be.