Virtual McLaren the most uncomfortable ever

A racing car for motorbike enthusiasts. Talk about bridging the gap.

As is reported in Car , McLaren have designed a virtual race car for PS4's new Gran Turismo Sport, which, believe it or not, has the driver on their stomach, angled more like a motorcycle racer. It's bizarre to say the least but it's meant shave off vital lap seconds by quite literally getting the driver's eyes right over the front axle so they're able to take corners more efficiently.

For those who spent years at Magic Company playing car racing games with friends, imagine its seating position as "bumper view", but where "bumper view" is standard view. It sounds ridiculously uncomfortable to say the least but you can't argue with the theory of it. 

I, for one, always use bumper view when playing games as it really does help you gauge the corners a little better and forces you to take the best line.

Named the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo - or "uncomfortable" - it still looks fantastic and you wonder if McLaren might be inspired by some of its lines in the future. "Beyond 2030" perhaps is their answer and we suppose that's better than an outright no. Sweet. 

What is a bit strange though is that the "visionary" racer uses a part petrol engine. That's like drawing a horse when the teacher says think of a visionary GT and design the future. If the seating position is ridiculous - why not consider something even more ridiculous, like a fully electric race car!

Oh wait. That's not ridiculous at all, is it? Even in a pretend/pretend world McLaren refused to go fully electric. Strange.