8 iconic South African cars to celebrate Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a celebration of us. These are a celebration of us on 4 wheels, with original ads!

The Nissan 1400

Nothing speaks to South Africa's hard working people more than a small Nissan 1400. Tough, pocket-sized and reliable as hell, the quintessential small bakkie is still a common site on South African roads 46 years since its launch.

The BMW E30

The Gusheshe is iconic, from the spinning back streets of Soweto to the 80s West Rand. There's a reason we're called Gusheshe. It might very well be the most iconic South African car of them all!

Ford Cortina

From Stander's infamous bank robberies, to drag strips north of Pretoria, the Ford Cortina has cemented its place in South African folklore. Both the bakkie and car versions are quick becoming collectibles. Snap up a V6 if you can!

Golf 1

What's more South African than a Golf 1 with a pair of 17s? If you haven't owned one in your life, you probably know someone who has (and they've probably had it stolen too). Keep them coming though! South Africa still loves you.

The Toyota Land Cruiser - or the Hilux...

From the flats of Bloem to koppies of Limpopo, the Afrikaners like their cars khaki and reliable. This is as khaki and reliable as it gets. The Hilux is a dulled down city version of the Land Cruiser, but iconic still, especially the 90s shape. Hartenbos here we come!

Ford Escort

Find a mint Ford Escort these days and we're talking big money. For South Africans, two shapes are more iconic than most - the series 1 and the XR3. Both are collectible and mint versions can sell for as much as a new Polo GTi.

Isuzu KB

From the underside of the Transkei to the sheep farms of the Karoo - the Isuzu KB is deeply entrenched in South African history. The iconic 90s face of the KB will always be synonymous with home.