The Suzuki e-Survivor - as cool as it sounds

Trust Suzuki to unveil something as cool as this. But, not all of Suzuki's are this cool; we're given a sobering reminder.

As is reported in AutoExpress, Suzuki have unveiled a brilliant named electric 4x4 concept called the e-Survivor, which might just trump the Rolls Royce Dawn Black as the coolest car name in the world. Seen above, it is a fully electric 4x4 inspired by a mix of the Jimny and Vitara. Unfortunately though, it will not make it into production but does give us a glimpse into the brand's small 4x4 future. It looks every bit as exciting as a small Suzuki should and we applaud the Japanese automaker for keeping things fresh in a world all about boring and safe lines.

Spy Shots! Next gen Suzuki Jimny is one sweet box

Some of the other Suzuki's to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor show however, are not so cool, except the new Jimny of course, which, spied last month, looks awesome. But, meet the XBEE (pronounced cross-bee) which is a "compact crossover wagon". Now, anything that requires the word "wagon" to describe it should not be allowed to exist, never mind this hideous machine. To rub salt into the wounds it comes in three variants: The XBEE. The XBEE Outdoor Adventure and the XBEE Street Adventure. Take a look - or just close your eyes and scroll on down.

None of those three however, compare to the Suzuki Spacia Concept and we're deeply disappointed that Suzuki has even imagined it. Meet this decade's contender for the ugliest car in the world and we wouldn't be surprised if it wins.