New centrally-seated McLaren will be fastest ever

McLaren are working on a three-seater "Hyper-GT" inspired by the iconic McLaren F1. 

As is reported in AutoExpress, McLaren are working on the BP23 (still to be properly named), which is a hypercar inspired by the original McLaren F1 and its iconic center seat. The McLaren F1 is still widely considered the best car ever made so this BP23 has a lot to live up to. Like its ancestor, it has three seats - one in the front and two in the back - which means you can take both your cuzzies along for the rib-splitting ride. 

Powered electrically and petro-chemically (like the new Mercedes Project One, which will be its ultra-competitor of course), it will be McLaren's "fastest ever model" with a centrally situated driver to ease the anxiety of the perfectionist who designs it.

The model seen here in black and white is still in development phase, and it will not look a thing like this. But, check out some of the other sketches to get an idea of the lines it could adopt. That makes it all the more extraordinary that all of them have already been sold - all 106 - which proves you don't need a product to sell hypercars, but a reputation only. Price? If the Project One is anything to go by, probably around R40 million. 

Well, joke's on them! Those who bought it will have to wait until 2019 to see it delivered but my feeling is that if you're spending that type of money on a car - or anything for that matter - you probably have your fair share of toys to keep you busy in the meantime. As for the rest of us? We have hope! Hope and opinion. What else do you need if you're a South African car lover?

Remember the classic F1? It is still widely considered the Mecca of hypercars by enthusiasts the world over.