Lexus skips unnecessary hybrids... or do they?

Lexus have a made huge statement by confirming that they will skip plug-in hybrids altogether, but are they forgetting the success of Toyota's own plug-ins?

As is reported in AutoExpress, Lexus will not be wasting their time with plug-in hybrids and instead will be focusing all of their resources developing hydrogen-powered cars and fully electric ones. This comes in light of stricter carbon dioxide regulations that Lexus feel will quickly strangle hybrids anyway. Its "bridging" technology is just not sufficient and soon, according to Lexus' Europe boss, Alain Uyttenhoven, will be pointless:

“We do not need to have plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s a loophole in the market. We will reach the [CO2] targets without them.”

The LF-SA concept. A fully electric future Lexus - or perhaps one with fuel cells.

Lexus make a lot of sense and their strategy going forward is at the very least, a sensible one. First they will develop high-end hydrogen-powered and electric cars, the first due in 2020 and modeled after the LF-FC Concept seen below, and from there will produce cheaper ones using the technology of these expensive models. It's a process that will see them leap frog plugin hybrids altogether and save millions from being squandered on pointless tech.

Of course, it's all quite confusing though and we wonder if Lexus has gone a little mad.

The electric evolution taking place was truly only kick started by the Toyota Prius anyway - the most famous hybrid of them all - and as you all know, Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota. So, are Lexus deliberately being obtuse by ignoring the fact that its mother company was the forerunner of hybrid tech - or are they actually being quite smart? Conspiracy alert.

Queue the music.

Perhaps they think that we won't notice as Toyota continues on down the hybrid path, developing tech that allows for this leapfrogging anyway. This way, their luxury division, Lexus, can have the moral high ground and pretend, in articles like this, that they are a step ahead and have seen something about the future that other brands have not.

Of course, it has been a long weekend down in Africa and a conspiracy Monday might just be a way to distract us from the dreaded week of work that awaits.

Who knows. Truthfully, who knows...

Music - fade out.