Zuma's new car?

For those who like their vehicles with a military twist, Rezvani has built the Tank. Night vision is optional!

This year has been great for cool cars. First we got the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT, then the I.D Buzz Concept, which of course is VW's old surfer bus re-imagined. That was followed by the Frankfurt Motor Show and Honda's awesome little EV concept that looks like a Lenasia-styled boss!

This year's coolest car? The Zarooq Sandracer 500 GT

Now, California-based automaker, Rezvani, has built the "Tank" for our personal military objectives, that, if you want it included as extras, boasts thermal night vision (for what, we're not entirely sure) and a ballistic armour package made of Kevlar and bullet-proof glass.

New little Honda EV gets Lenasia styling

Perhaps it's too easy to joke about this, and for Gusheshe to make fun of South Africa's crime problem to explain why this would be a huge success here. Way too easy in fact, so we won't do it, nor tell you how it would be the perfect addition to a certain President's blue light brigade as he fends off the mudslinging mud balls on his way down to the December conference.

BMW X5 se gat! A bullet proof monster with a 6,4-litre Hemi V8 and an unnecessary amount of leather and suede is surely the future for all of our leaders and we approve every last extra, including that thermal night vision! After some thought, we speculate it could actually act as an additional safety feature in the Karoo when driving at night and trying to avoid those rampaging Eland - or Gupta bots.

Electric VW Microbus officially confirmed

Based on a Jeep Wrangler suspension, the most distinct feature of this machine is actually the one thing that makes it perfect for our parliament's caucus, right from the green and yellow, to the blue and then the red. That is of course the unloving feature of the price tag, which is a ridiculous politician-like R2.4 Million Rand, including a petrol bill that will accumulate to somewhere near that over a year or so of owning it.

Alas, if you don't have 2.4 bar like our most distinguished of leaders, you will have to settle for an X5 then, wink-wink, but my feeling is that you are actually quite grateful for that. After all, an "interesting" looking machine like this is not necessarily a machine you want to be seen in and certainly the backside of the thing is well, quite "interesting" indeed.