Hyundai's offroad rockstar!

Hyundai, in partnership with Rockstar energy drink, have released an extreme off roader for this year's SEMA's show.

It's not often we report on extreme Hyundai's. In fact, it's never at all. But, for this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA 2017) to be held in Las Vegas, Hyundai will unveil an ultra-extreme off roader called the 'Rockstar Moab Extreme Concept', which, you will be happy to know is more than an average Sante Fe with cool decals, but an average Sante Fe with cool decals, Wrangler-like blinding spotlights - and nitrous power!

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Yes, Hyundai have boosted this little monster with nitrous oxide and sadly, we will never get to drive it. Selfish.

Indeed, it is a Hyundai after all, and truthfully we don't really care, although we do concede that Hyundai's are remarkably changed in South African eyes and Gusheshe has been very clear in the past that Hyundai's are now great. But are they great enough to start getting extreme makeovers for the intense Moab desert? We are not so sure.

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It does look a little bit odd, but then again so did the initial Tucson when it arrived as a soft SUV to a South Africa that had never before experienced soft SUVs, which are now, as you well know, some of the best selling cars in South Africa and everyone and anyone knows someone who at least likes the new Tucson and would be prepared to buy it if they have not already. 

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But, whether or not a nitrous-boosted Sante Fe with 6-piston front brakes and Pretoria-sized off road wheels will ever make it in the Moab however, will never be uncovered. This is just a little fun for Hyundai after all, and shows the world that sometimes its okay to take your ordinary car and make it the extreme version of your imagination.

So yes, we do want to a see a Kalahari version of the thing and expect some Joburger to build one soon in khaki. We wouldn't be Gusheshe if we did not want to see something as ridiculously great as that.

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Would you rather have a Sante Fe Rockstar Moab or this, the standard Santa Fe?