WATCH: Koenigsegg breaks 0-400km/h record

The Bugatti Chiron is crying. The new Koenigsegg Agera RS has undermined the only real reason it was made.

We should feel bad that the only real reason the Bugatti Chiron was built has been undermined by Koenigsegg Agera RS but, to be honest, we don't really.

Well, we lie, we do a little.

We feel bad because not only has the Koenigsegg sent the Bugatti into stuttering fits of insignificance, it has done so prolifically, by beating the Chiron's 0-400km/h record by over 5 staggering seconds, and in the process also broken five other records for the hell of it.

The big one however, the 0-400km/h dash, is the most significant because now Bugatti should seriously question the reason it exists. For this record, we argue, is the most important one for fast cars like this, and here's why: Even if the Bugatti ultimately trumps the Koenigsegg for top speed and becomes the fastest car in the world, which is inevitable of course, by the time it catches the Koenigsegg in a drag race of such monumental proportions to prove it, there will be no road or race track long enough to make the point.

5 seconds behind is years in super car talk and the amount of ground to make up by that stage to try and catch the Agera, will be exceptionally difficult for the Bugatti to achieve, top speed regardless. So, what's the point of having the fastest car in the world then if another really fast car beats you in a real world drag race anyway - and you're left always catching up?

Anyway, enough of the speculation. Take a look at the awesome record-breaking feat right here. 

Do yourself a favour - skip the Hollywood lights and fast forward to 1:57.