Toyota's 3 new, odd and retro concepts

Toyota's new concepts all look inspired by the 80s. But, we're not so sure if the 80s is a good period to inspire.

The 80s was a strange time for car design. It was square. But not a particularly interesting type of square. Just square. Toyota however, has clearly seen something we have not; so, gone back to the future and brought us three new concepts that all look dipped in the mad hair of the 1980s and this time we are not sure if it is hipster cool, cool, or just plain ugly.

Take this for example, seen above, which is the fourth generation and all-new Toyota Century limousine that looks like its hiding a dead body in the boot for disposing at "the docks". Certainly, the gangster who buys this one will be exceptionally pleased with its getaway ammo, because under the bonnet you will find a V8 twin-turbo with a hybrid motor neatly attached. Even gangsters these days are a bit greener than before and if that's not encouraging, what is?

A 1985 Lincoln looks remarkably similar to Toyota's new limo. 

Perhaps this then, seen below, a new Toyota sports car, which looks deliberately modeled after the 1980s DeLorean DMC-12, which we all know and love from its gull wing doors and Back to the Future. The GR HV Sports concept (no, that's not an STD, it's a new, sporty Toyota) is this strange-looking thing in matte-black that will hopefully, for all of our sake, look a little more aesthetic when the road version eventually arrives. 

Or maybe not. We actually can't decide which direction we want it to head in and we truthfully cannot decide if we like it or hate it.

We think a bit of both.

For now, in South Africa, we are afraid that using it will alter the fabric of time, restructure the 80s and, for the sake of this article's point, lead to more horror years under apartheid. Such are the distinct, retro lines of this Toyota that we only see the DMC-12 when we look at it, and so a time-changing and cosmic 80s-inspired event. 

The famous DeLorean DMC-12

Just when you thought it could not get any more retro though, this happened - the new Toyota TJ Cruiser concept, which, from the front, looks like an 80s-inspired ambulance from New York City or a van with a man that you're not so supposed to talk to. 

1982 Ford Bivouac Van Camper

It is terribly odd looking, but strangely appealing too. What else did Toyota expect when mashing a 4X4 with a Kombi, which is apparently the cool thing to do now by the way. Remember, Suzuki are doing it too: Its new XBEE concept is also determined to make this mashing of styles a thing, which doesn't quite work out as well for them.

The Suzuki XBEE - jik!

Still, oddness aside, we're intrigued with this new and very 80s style of things all about Toyota's new look. Who knows, these retro looking machines could spark a revolution in design and send us back 30 years, to a time when cars looked square, but when society felt an "unsquarely" sort of vibrant. A time when we weren't all glued to our phones, liking and retweeting, but when we were warriors for real, in real life: Fighting oppression and hoping for change and wishing, sooner than later, that the 90s would arrive!

How's that for a Monday sort of deep? 

That's what retro-looking cars will do to you and yes, you heard read it here first at Gusheshe.