[UPDATE] Bluest car in the world to be sold in Mzansi

Last year we brought you the bluest car in the world, which is a Lexus. Now, we're bringing you this update: It's coming to South Africa!

It would seem that South Africa likes its share of blue cars and we know that to be true because a limited number of the Structural Blue Editions of the Lexus LC 500 Coupe will be sold here, which is cool.

But what the heck are those? Well, let us remind you by dipping into the past

The Structural Blue Edition of the LC coupe is part of Lexus' mission to create the perfect blue paint job.

Yes, we, like you, thought that there was only two types of blue: Dark blue and light blue. But no, there is a lot more complexity to the blueness of our blue cars and Lexus have taken it to another extraordinary level. Why? We have no idea. But yes, Lexus have indeed created the bluest car in the world with such a brilliant blue paint job that they're only able to paint two of these super rare and super blue cars per day.

Normal blue, which no one normal ever knew, reflects less than 50 per cent of incoming light as a visible blue colour. Lexus however, will place around 300 billion nano-structure pigment flakes to each LC Structural Blue Edition painted, that are capable of reflecting nearly 100% of the blue pigment found therein. The result is a blue colour bluer than a Kruger baboon's big blue ass - and that there is blue!

So yes, if you're feeling a little blue today, don't get yourself too down. There is something bluer about - it's the new Lexus LC Structural Blue Edition that people the world over are going blue over.

Oh, and by the way. If the blue is a little too much, you will find some orange on the inside all about the blue, blue steering wheel just to settle the nerves.

Now isn't that kind? Thanks Lexus.