Yamaha to release new concept car

Music instrument and motorbike guru, Yamaha, are set to release a new concept car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. 

No, you never really associate Yamaha with four wheels, but this is not the first time that Yamaha will be releasing a concept car. The pictures seen here are from 2015, and are images of its brilliant Sports Ride concept that, sadly, and so far at least, has come to nothing. As such, the motoring world is not entirely sure if the upcoming reveal will be this Sports Ride re-imagined as a production version, or something entirely new; but whatever awaits, Yamaha insists that it will only be a demonstration of technology and nothing more.

That is a disappointment for two reasons: The sports car in picture is absolutely sick and two, Yamaha, although not known for four wheels, would likely make a great sports car anyway. Such is the quality of their production elsewhere and their ability to make ridiculously awesome and quality things for everything from hip hop to MotoGP.

The Sports Ride is real good to look at and its profile has clearly been inspired by Yamaha's two-wheeled monsters. So have the pipes, the wheels, the lights and the general feel of the overall concept; it weighs just 750kg too and its motor neatly sits somewhere in the middle, offering near perfect weight distribution and what would likely be exceptionally rigid and Lotus-type driving.

Still, that's all a pipe dream and South Africans and humans the world over are unlikley to ever see something like this on the road.


Unless Yamaha tchoon 'nought bra, neva, let's do this', and whip up something spectacular and 4-realsies in Tokyo.

We await with dripping tongues.