10 steps to a perfect Aston date: The pretty, topless DB11 Volante

The stunning convertible Aston Martin DB11 Volante was made to cruise the South African landscape. It is the perfect date for South Africans in love with torque.

There are two things I dream of in life. 1 - A world where cell phone screens don't break when you drop them, and 2 - Driving an Aston Martin on a long road through the Karoo. Is that too much to ask?

The new and quite gorgeous topless version of the Aston Martin DB11 Volante is currently the prettiest piece of V8 perfection in the world, and its urging every wagging South African tongue to take it on a gentle and loving date across our beautiful country. Caress it when you do. Love it. Feel its leather in your palms as the African sun hangs low and urges you to make the move: Kiss it when no one is looking.

So, here to help you, Gusheshe Torque is offering you the perfect 10 step South African date when your lover is the topless Aston Martin DB 11 Volante and you're in the mood for some loving.

1. Wherever you are, press "Start". Feel the 375kW of roar. Smile. You're in a machine capable of 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds.

2. Take the roof down. Usually Gusheshe would not recommend it: Convertibles after all, can be a bit, well, mmm, but on an Aston, that mmm is nice. It will take 14 seconds to electronically fall away so gently look up while it does. Feel the warmth of the sun as it blankets your face. Your road trip has begun.

3. Smile.

4. Wherever you are, head towards Nieu-Bethesda in the Eastern Cape; whether it's 1000km away or half that, you will not care. If you're coming from anywhere, it is pretty much slap bang in the middle of where you want to go and it's right where you want to be before you move on, alone with your Aston deep in the Karoo. 

The quaint and timeless town will welcome you with deep orange sunsets, and complement your Aston from every sun-setting angle. You see, it's the roads of its endlessnes you'll love most here as your DB11 will feel most alive in its emptiness. Never will you feel more in love with your DB11 Volante than you do right now. 

5. Once you've arrive, have a pizza at Bruno's: It's tucked away in one of the three roads about the tiny town, but park in such a way that you can see your DB11 from the table. She is your date after all, so keep looking at her. It's polite. 

6. The next day, if you're coming from Joburg, head to Cape Town via the Winelands. If you're coming from Cape Town, head to the Drakensberg via the underside of Lesotho. If you're coming from Durban, head to Cape Aghullas, via the garden route.

7. To Cape Town: Repeat yesterday's process, except enjoy the Cape Mountains as they eventually come into play. So, go via the hills above Franschoek: Roads here, in and between wine farm country, will begin to wind and your DB11 will feel flawless and flat, left to right - the V8 note will pleasantly bite you in the echo of the mountain cliffs and you should probably stop for a sundowner: Non-alcoholic, of course. But, when you sit on your bonnet, do not scratch it!

8.  To the Drakensberg: Repeat point 7. Except, this time enjoy the Transkei meander, then the midlands. When you can, always snap at your accelerator so that the V8 note inspires those who you pass; let them know that you're on a date. Never drive too fast when people are about; slow enough to keep them safe and jealous...

Again, have a non-alcoholic sundowner on your bonnet as you approach the immensity of the Drakensberg. There, be inspired by the ancient Zulu views. Do not scratch your bonnet!

9. To Cape Aghullas: Trek down to the Tsitsikamma for lunch. There, have a pie on your bonnet. That way, crumbs don't mess in the car but, that said, make sure you do not scratch your bonnet either! You should probably wear very soft cotton shorts wherever you're heading. No belts. Then, via the garden route, head to Cape Aghullas. The roads, beyond the majesty of your front badge will feel very Monte Carlo and you, buried in your DB11, will feel confidently at ease. 

10. When you arrive at your destination, take a few selfies with your Aston and a few epic backgrounds. Then, instagram them - #aston #roadtrip #privilege #convertible #v8 #waddupbitches #paper #benjamins #shades #africa #southafrica #aweh #bro #lookatmenow

Then, have a dos. Wake up, kiss your steering wheel and go home.

Ps. Bring your boych along if he/she also has an Aston. Twice the fun bro.