V10 & V12 live on, swear Lamborghini

The Italian supercar giant insists that electrification, turbo-charging and downsizing their cars is sacrilegious and refuses compromise until an emotional equivalent is made available. 

Stubborn Italian car makers, Lamborghini, don't want to mess with their timeless formula of perfection that has seen every truly real and lovable Lambo released with a naturally aspirated V10 or 12. Now, in the context of worldwide electrification, turbo-charging and downsizing, the brand’s head of development, Maurizio Reggiani, insists that until emotional technology can replace the naturally aspirated feeling, Lamborghini's flagship models will not be adopting anything else.

This follows their recent insistence that they will also be the last car brand in the world to go fully autonomous and that there is something to admire. However, Lamborghini might be a bit too stubborn with this one as McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari have all begun to mate electric for the purpose of next level super car performance, and Lamborghini might be missing out on the party.

The eccentric Italians however, insist that their very brand relies on the emotion buried in a large naturally aspirated V-motors and truthfully, who are we, Gusheshe, to question them? They after all, are Lamborghini and nobody messes with Lambo bro.

Speaking to British media, Reggiani quirked that you “Can have a magnificent design as a super-cool Lamborghini but, if the car can’t do emotional when you sit in it – [if you can’t] hear the noise or feel the tyres working on the asphalt – then the job is not done.

“My dream is to maintain the naturally aspirated engine for as long as possible. It is a sense of emotion in a super-sports car. Naturally aspirated is part of the DNA of a super-sportscar. No other engine can provide the emotion, the response, the sound. It’s unique – and that makes the difference today for Lamborghini.”

Gusheshe feels torn. Of course, it respects Lamborghini and believes in the immensity of the naturally aspirated too. It loves the smell of petrol and certainly loves Lamborghini like it loves its own mother, but not even Gusheshe can un-notice how Tesla after Tesla after ordinary Tesla is regularly teaching Lamborghini how to drag race - and that there is embarrassing.

We fear that the longer Lamborghini remains stuck in the past, the more difficult it will be for them to catch up. Emotion aside, Lamborghini drivers of the future might not be as emotionally invested into sound and feeling, if their boring ol' neighbours driving production electric cars are waving in their rear view mirror. 

Now that there will be a crying shame.