Greetings from Polestar - the 1 is here

Swedish outfit, Polestar, have unveiled their debut stand-alone car. The Volvo is strong with this one. 

Yes, Polestar have arrived and brought with them the Swedish force. But, do not be fooled: This is not a Volvo. It is an all new stand-alone car developed by the once-upon-time performance division of Volvo, which probably explains why it looks just like a Volvo. That's not necessarily a bad thing though and this is a very meaty and nice-looking machine.

You'll be happy to know though, despite the ownership semantics of the Volvo/Polestar/Geely relationship, that the Polestar 1 pushes out a total of 441kW split pretty much down the middle between its electric and petrol motors. As such, city driving can switch completely to electric if you want it to, and can do so for about 150km on a chill.

Not that you would want it to. After all, it does 0-100km/h in just under 4 seconds with all motors firing, and has a fancy enough suspension to adapt to any road hazard just 2 milliseconds after spotting it. Real fancy. And fast!

So, if there is a pothole ahead and your eyes have missed it, be assured your Polestar has not, and will adjust its suspension accordingly to effortlessly take the blow. Yes, these are some of the premium features of this new premium brand, which, by the way, will cost you a premium sort of price too: The Polestar 1 will cost just over R2 Million and we, like you, gasped at the price considering its Volvo-like mediocrity.

Alas, it's not really a problem for us though. It is unlikely that Polestar will come to South Africa when it is finally released in 2019, because it is to be built with left-hand drive only. Still, we are sure though that a few here and there will filter in so look out for one. If it looks like a Volvo that's mated with an Audi - and goes really fast - it just might be a Polestar!

Ridiculous name though. Seriously? Polestar. Come on bro.