Hennessey Venom F5! 482km/h?

Stop what you're doing ma'gents. Hennessey have laid down the challenge. Will this be the fastest car in the world on 1 November?

How's this: The Hennessey Venom F5, America's answer to the ultra high tech Bugatti Chiron, will unveil itself on 1 November as potentially the new fastest car in the world, and is predicted to hit somewhere around 482km/h in the process, breaking all German-techno hearts the world over.

Yes, don't mess with a man from Texas and his love for oil: John Hennessey, Texan tycoon, wants the fastest car in the world - yet again - and this time has pulled out all the stops designing and creating an all-new Hennessey, the F5, which, incidentally is named after the fastest wind formation in the world. A tornado F5. Bring it on.


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And play this teaser video. Challenge accepted.