Audi A7s new, overdue design

New Audi A7 Sportback proves that Audi can actually be a little less boring. Thank goodness for that.

Yes, perhaps the design boss at Audi reads Gusheshe religiously because clearly he knows that Gusheshe Torque, unashamedly, thinks Audis are atrociously predictable and boring - and so has noticeably improved this latest rendition of the A7 Sportback to satisfy the uncompromising South African car lover.

PODCAST: Boring, boring Audi. Just another boring Audi

Now, there is no denying it: Since 2004, Audi have not changed the shape of their what-once-was-impressive R8 and continuously releases the very same vehicles year after year with the smallest of unnoticeable design tweaks - and it's horrible. All mold into each other in such a way that we cannot be sure which model is which as all Audis tend to look the same, but come in different sizes for different pockets. 

This however, the latest Audi A7 Sportback, seems to at least have a bit of backbone as the back lights are actually redesigned in such a way - bravely and continuously from left to right - that you actually nod and go, mmm, this Audi might actually be a new Audi and it's not too bad. Even the front brow has dropped slightly, the grill widened and the face of it has modernised enough to notice.

Generally though, the Sportback shape, unlike its most deformed of estate relatives - the station wagon - is easy on the eyes so Audi didn't have to do much to impress. Still, they could have have done nothing and pushed another unchanged Audi down our throat, which thank goodness, in this case at least, they have not done. 

On the techno side of things and worth mentioning here, the engine now not only cuts at robots to save fuel, it cuts entirely when the car drops below 22km/h, which will make this Sportback a bit more economical to drive. Not that economy is on your mind when you buy cars that cost more than 1-million Rand, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless. Thanks Audi.

What do you guys think? Are Audi rising from the ashes or could they still do more?