911 Carrera T - gotta collect 'em all

Expect to pay an additional R150k for cool seat stitching and two fewer seats. Don't mind if we do.

Yes, Porsche are great at gimmicks, and perhaps are the only brand in the world that can sell you the same machine over and over again - and still, we will buy it.

The Millionth 911 is built

Why? Because all new Porsches, whether they arrive with a cool colour change only, an added stripe for gees and a few cool seat stitches, seems to severely activate our obsessive compulsive disorder, which insists that we, indeed Bro, gotta collect 'em all.

Indeed, that is it. We buy Porsche after Porsche after Porsche because we grew up with Tazos in our Simba chip packets and we are a generation that will not give up until we have every last one of them. Every Porsche will be ours and Porsche itself is smiling all the way to the OCD bank.

To be fair, this Porsche is 20kg lighter than other Carreras, courtesy of no back seats, and does, if you care to know, 0-100km/h in a tenth of a second quicker than the standard Carrera, which drops that stat then to 4.5 seconds. 4.2 seconds is possible though with the optional seven-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox and yes, you're welcome thought the brilliant and tedious German who made those insignificant feats possible.

Smiley face.

All that aside, of course this Carrera T will be as good as any other Carrera, which means it will still be absolutely brilliant and be assured, Gusheshe absolutely loves it. Especially in yellow! 

The T stands for Touring by the way, which is what you will be doing plenty of if you are prepared to pay more than R150k more for these odd few changes, while everything else remains pretty much the same, including the iconic 3.0-litre twin-turbo flat-six motor capable of 272kW and 450Nm of torque

Thanks Porsche. Now if only our garage was big enough to indeed collect 'em all.

Whose garage actually is?