Innovative, brilliant Honda unveil stunner at Tokyo

Honda is on fire at the moment. Take a look at this fantastic-looking Sports EV concept.

Whoever is pulling the design strings at Honda is an absolute visionary because this, the new Sports EV concept, is truly stunning in retro form and Gusheshe is absolutely gushing! 

It follows on from the equally awesome Honda Urban EV concept (styled with Lenasia in mind), which, unveiled at Frankfurt last month, is surely the coolest new concept car of the year.

New Honda gets Lenasia styling

Pics sourced from AutoExpress

Truly, there seems to be no other car brand releasing designs as innovative as Honda at the moment, and this new range of all-electric EVs are the first electric-powered cars that Gusheshe genuinely want to own. In a world being filled with odd-looking alternatives that seem overly focused on being futuristic, they are transcending what it means to design electric and it is fantastic to see.

Electric car designers generally seem to think that EVs have to be strange-looking to compliment their alternative propulsion, and that there is the scariest sort of momentum currently taking hold throughout the car design world.

Honda however, have realised that electric cars don't need to be ugly and it is a breath of fresh air. This Sports EV Concept, all subjectivity accounted for, is truly an absolute stunner if you care to look thrice and take a moment to appreciate its retro stance in the context of the 21st century.

Honda CEO Hachigo-san, speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, had this to say about Honda's vision, which is fitting: "This new Sports EV is a new proposal from Honda, developed to show the joy of driving in an electric car." 

The joy of driving must never be lost, electric or not, and truer words have never been spoken. Take heed car brands the world over. If you give us electric cars that look like this, we will buy them any day of the week.

Well played Honda. 2017 is yours so far.

Let's hope that the real Hondas that emerge from these awesome concepts are as unchanged as possible.