5 more sick concepts unveiled at Tokyo!

Besides the brilliant Honda Sports EV Concept, the Tokyo motor show is full of innovation elsewhere as well. These are five more sick concepts unveiled at the Mecca of the motoring east. 

All pictures contained in this article were sourced from AutoExpress.

1. The Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

Designed for the active urbanite, this concept is especially cool for South Africans who love their weekends off road and dirt biking. To be honest though, you'd probably be better off with a more spacious trailer or Hilux, but nothing you get will look as cool as this: It's designed like an American 30s pick-up and we think it's sick. If anything, we hope it inspires a new era of bakkies based on American classics.

Take note of the seats, arranged like a diamond, with the top of the diamond the centrally-seated driver.

2. The Hot Honda Nismo Leaf Concept

It looks like a smaller Civic (and is to Civic now what Polo is to Golf) but this Hot Nismo Leaf will, of course, be full-electric when it arrives and could have a range of around 500km. Perhaps the most interesting fact about it though is that it will offer Type R like performance and AutoExpress reports that it will likely be sub-6 second machine.

What's not to like then? Oh yes, the name. Absolutely horrible. Leaf. Jik.