Ferrari FXX-K Evo #FerrariMonday

Only very special clients will get the opportunity to own one of these. Pity.

This, the Le Ferrari-based Ferrari FXX-K Evo will be available as both an upgrade on your standard FXX-K and as a new buy - in numbers so limited that no, we will never get to see one in real life unless of course we own one. Which we never will! Not because we don't have dreams bro, but because Ferrari, quite literally, will not sell it to us unless we're of a certain Ferrari pedigree.

Which we are not.

Jip, Ferrari takes their clients very seriously and the most elite Ferraris of the world, like this one, are rightly reserved for hardcore Ferrari owners and those prepared to pay tens of millions of Rands to only drive them on certain race tracks within designated driving programmes. 

This is not a public road machine whatsoever, which is probably for the best. The last thing you want is a Polo rear-ending you in a Ferrari so expensive and elite, that it might bring about a mental breakdown when you feel the dreaded bump.

Now, that's not to say that we can't look on with appreciative nods and read articles like this for the sake of our bleak #BlackMonday, to cheer us up with lines and shapes so bombastic and brilliant that they will undoubtedly draws smiles from every corner of our extraordinary country, from Stellies to Soweto.

Now, of the numbers and technicalities we will say nothing. Not because we don't know or understand them, but because 772kW at 900N.m. of torque is so difficult to comprehend and appreciate, that no words will be powerful enough to describe the back-breaking pleasure of racing euphoria that they will give you. So what's the point?

For a car that we will never get to drive, it only ever makes sense then to comment about its looks because those, at least, are free to appreciate. On its looks then, it's definitely the new spoiler that you will notice first. It's hectic! And to be absolutely honest with you, we love it.

Then again, these articles are written by grown men who think they're ten. So. If you prefer the maturity of being 14 instead, we apologise and recommend you choose an Audi poster instead.