The Last One: Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate

Aston are celebrating the last of the 2nd generation Vanquish with this: the S Ultimate.

It seems strange that anyone would want to buy this Vanquish S Ultimate, considering that it will be replaced with a new shape Vanquish in 2019, which when it arrives, will likely be better looking if the DB 11 is anything to go by. 

Jip, it takes a very special and rich Aston fan indeed, because this here Aston will also cost R200 000 more because of its unique colour scheme and S badge.

But, that special buyer will still get a very pretty car regardless, and the choice of rose gold, which, if you are colour co-ordinated like a boss, you can neatly match with your South Rand chain and attitude. Rose gold aside, it will also be the last of the great Astons to feature a 6-litre naturally aspirated V12, which if you're a engine guru type of legend, you will know is like riding a black-maned stallion without a saddle. 


We especially like the bespoke wheels and the general feel of an Ultimate Aston, but sincerely question the shocking crocodile interior and wonder why anyone thought that was necessary. Other than that, it is pretty much your standard ol' Vanquish S for 4 million plus Rand, but at least you'll have the comfort of knowing that only 174 other people will own one. 

Ah. Exclusivity. What a treat it is to be unique!

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