SAD NEWS: Subaru WRX STi bids farewell

In a bid to invest more in electric and autonomy research, the WRX STi has rumbled to its last turbo whoosh.

Colin McRae. That's the man you should thank for a generation of sparkling blue thunder, for he was the legendary rally racing driver who took the four-wheeled monster we all love and cherish - the brilliant Subaru WRX STi - into the beating turbo hearts of our every day lives.

Indeed, without Colin, Subaru might never have decided to turn its rally car into a road going machine, and you and I, Marco and Niresh, Bencil and Tshepo, might never have come to love the deep boxer rumble of flatly-positioned Subaru pistons - and that there would have been a tragedy of the highest South African order. Indeed, 23 years on, Subaru have announced that it will no longer be creating the WRX STi as its focus and money now shifts to electric and autonomous car development, as it too prepares itself for the brave new motoring world.

As such, Subaru have announced the final round of WRX STi sales in the UK, with an expected R50 000 odd premium over the current, as it embarks on the final sad and turbo'd journey into one of history's most iconic of motoring stories. Yes, the final STi has arrived and only 150 of them will be made. 150 bro. That's that. That's it. Done!

But, in true STI style, this final special edition goes out with a bang.

Although it still features everything we love about it - 223kW and 407Nm of torque, and a 2.5litre flat-pistoned boxer motor - it arrives even more aggressively styled than usual, with 19 inches and a centre differential that is now fully electric. It means that 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds feels more back-breaking and looks better than ever, and that there is how should it be. Good for you Scoobie.

We will miss you. No doubt.

But should we though?

Listen, don't beat yourself up guys. Think of it this way. Tesla Model 3, a fully-electric demon that transports American West Coast hipsters in fits of silent wonder, makes 5.2 seconds look a granny's antique show these days. So, it's not quite with a sad face that we should wave goodbye to the STi, nor is it with a sad face that Subaru should bid farewell. We should be excited!

Heck. If that's what Tesla can do with an electric motor - can you just imagine what Subaru could do if it puts its mind to it? So, perhaps then Subaru's best days are still to come, and perhaps ol' Coin McRae might be forgotten sooner than we think.

That's just the way of the world bro. We move up. We move on. We get faster. We get braver.

Poor Colin.

(We still love you brother.)