Want a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43?

The FJ Company are now producing original FJ43s with brand new tech. You're welcome South Africa. 

In Jozi, it's the Gusheshe. In Durban, it's the Golf. In Cape Town, it's the Ford Escort. The list goes on and on and evolves; arguments heat and cool with the changing of motoring seasons and what's cool now and what's not, can be discussed until the end of South African time and certainly changes from suburb to township, from farm to coast. One thing is for certain though, no one really agrees and no paragraphs like this will ever find resolution.

You're welcome, South Africa.

Few South Africans however, can deny that everywhere in between our three major cities, this here Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 remains one the coolest features of our khaki landscape, and has been so since the beginning of time. The Land Cruiser is staple stuff for South Africa's dryness where distances and ruggedness require endless amounts of reliability, which, for most who care for a good-ol' argument will tell you, cannot be provided by a Land Rover.

Shots fired, son.

So, if Land Cruisers are your thing, which they very well might be, then this here custom FJ43 Signature is now available to order, with new technical underpinnings and modern interior, but with the same old sturdy suspension and a face as cool and rugged as the day it was released over the 30 years ago. 

All sounds unbelievable, I know. And all who love it cannot wait to order it until I tell you this. It will cost anywhere upwards of R2.8 million and that there is our cue to stop writing.

Have a great and Cruiser-less weekend!