Shelby 1000 = Ridiculous price X 1000 "brake horses"

Shelby, the super-sick-racing and Bad-Brad division of the Mustang has released the Shelby 1000. It's ridiculous to say the least.

Yes, Shelby don't play no games ma'trucker. They make their cars faster than most and they charge, quite literally, another car for it. This here is the perfect blue and ridiculous example of just that, and a name well-named enough to get you thinking. 1000 stands for 1000bhp, but what in the name of all names good, are "brake-horses"?

We have no idea and no, we don't actually care.

We wonder rather if Shelby would ever consider calling it the Shelby 745, which makes a whole lot more sense in metric South Africa. Yes, 1000bhp amounts to 745kW, which when heard makes your stomach tune YOH: You get all excited about living in a generation where Shelby's are sold in South Africa and it's sad to think of a time when they were not.

Indeed, when we tell you that they've gooi'ed in a bigger supercharged V8 here for gees, and a role bar too for dem-boys, holla-holla, perhaps you too would consider owning a track-ready Shelby, with a stable of 1000 awesome and fire-breathing horses.

But, as this heading is all about the ridiculous, this is why owning one might be a little more difficult than we thought - and downright, as stated, ridiculous. You see, Shelby is a package that's bought "on top" of a new Mustang. What that means is this: You have to pay for the Mustang GT first, the shell of it, before you consider the "Shelby-fied" version of it. Now, we won't tell you how much a Mustang GT shell costs - we don't know truthfully, but you can use your imagination - but we tell you that this Shelby 1000 version of it, will cost you an extra - wait for it - R2.4 million.

Yes, the Shelby package is quite literally the price of a super car, without the car.


These guys bra. Games. Playing games with our souls.