New Lamborghini concept is 'self-healing'

Futuristic, alternative-type-electric and energy-storing, Lamborghini have unveiled a concept, the Terzo Millennio, that also might heal it itself.

Yes, it is extraordinary to think that of the many crazy ideas thought up in Lamborghini's latest concept, the Terzo Mellennio, that a body shell that "acts as an accumulator for energy storage" is not the most spacey and next-millennial. Nor, might we add, is the fact that its batteries are unconventional and are described as "super-capacitors", whatever the heck those are.

The craziest thing about this quite awesome looking concept is that any cracks which might emerge in its structure while driving may automatically self-heal "via micro-channels filled with healing chemistries".

Say what?

Jip, as is reported in Car Magazine, this latest concept is something else entirely; something out of science fiction perhaps! But, the concept created in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is indeed real tech being worked on and Lamborghini's way of saying, 'if we do future, we do it on our outrageous terms bro!'


Now, it's unlikely that you will see a Lambo like this very soon, and certainly not one that utilises this sort of next-level technology - but hey, you gotta love lambo for putting in the hard work (even though it definitely said very recently that it won't be going electric and that even turbo's were a no-go. Now they're self healing? He Banna... SMH)

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That's Lambo bro. Brilliant. Mad. Dreaming.