New Bentley Continental GT3 unveiled

Bentley's new racing monster is based on the new shape Bentley. Sick is the word we use to describe it.

Indeed! If you're patient enough to wait until next June, and rich enough to buy something that will be released with two seats and cost more than a Bedfordview gangster's mansion, you too can own one of these awesome Continental GT3s, which is, to put it mildly, pretty damn sick. Told you we were going to use the word sick.

And why? Well. Look at the thing.

410kW of V8 muscle, tuned for racing endurance and decal'ed like a Chatsworth golf, it is an absolute pleasure to behold: We love it when typically classy machines produce the callous and cannot wait to see old men turn their head in disgust.

Ironically though, it actually is a Bentley for extreme Bentley purists despite the lack of bling, created with help from BMW's M-Sport Division and the high performance goals of Cosworth. What does that mean exactly? Exactly this: It's fast China. Real flippen fast.


Have a great Friday to all those reading and remember. Drive smart, drive safe - and most importantly - look good while you're doing it.